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If Wishes Came True


I wish…..I saw a poster on Facebook that stated, “I wish there were more hours in a day and everyone was nice and bread didn’t make you fat.” Immediately, I hit the like button. Who wouldn’t like eating all the bread you wanted, especially hot-from-the-oven sour dough bread slathered with butter, and then have your nice friends compliment you on the thirty pounds you gained?

I asked Facebook friends what they would wish for. The replies ranged from serious to silly. Personal to worldwide. Heart wrenching to heart lifting.

I wish I could remember all my passwords. I wish healthy food tasted as good as dessert. That I could always be as happy as I am when I look into the face of a child. I wish we would talk more and communicate electronically less. (Ironically, we were communicating electronically.)

Grandmothers wished blessings on children. That all people would see children as miracles and love them accordingly. I wish my baby granddaughter who is in Monroe Carroll Hospital at Vanderbilt could come home soon! I wish every child could be loved, nurtured and accepted for who they are.

Several wished for peace on earth. And probably peace is what two friends had in mind: I wish for a world without guns. I wish everyone knew Christ and didn’t just know about Him.

Teacher friends spoke out. I wish that teachers were paid (and appreciated) as much as doctors, lawyers, and professional athletes.   I wish my college students would learn that the answers for everything they ask are in the SYLLABUS.

From parents of teenagers: I wish we had the wisdom, that has life taught us, when we were 17. I wish my kids, ages 12 and 17, wouldn’t insist on learning things the hard way. I wish they’d realize that parents share advice to try to make their lives a little easier.

Wishes covered everyone. I wish each of us valued the other person as much as we value ourselves. I wish we could find a cure for cancer and other terminal illnesses. That everyone looked for the good in others and no one would ever go to bed hungry. Days with lots of laughter.

Many thought of family. I wish for more time with my dad and favorite aunt and uncle. People are here for a time and then they are gone too soon. Memories live on, but oh, just for a little more time. I wish for one day with my mom and dad so they could know my children. I wish I could spend a week in the mountains or at the beach with my siblings. I wish that families still lived close and children knew their family members.

Young mothers wished for their grandparents. I wish my mother and grandparents were still alive. I wish I had Granny Ruby’s and Pa Lehman’s stories that they used to tell me written down or recorded! I wish I had all of my grandmother’s recipes.

Not one person wished for money or stuff. Maybe because those who responded are like me: we have the necessities of life.   Food and clothes. Warm homes and running water.

My friends’ wishes remind me that time is my greatest commodity. My heart joins those who wish to be with grandparents and aunts and uncles and siblings. And those who recognize happiness in a child’s face and that children are miracles.

Which wish made me grin the biggest? I wish that all people could get their wishes. Me, too.


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