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2015 Year in Review

imagesI’m a sucker for reading any list that is entitled 2015 Year in Review. A look back at the people and events and places that made the news during the past twelve months.  And so, I created my own list.

Annie. My youngest Grand was born! I flew across the country to be with Son’s family for nine days. On the day Annie was born, her two older brothers and I stayed home when her parents went to the hospital. I met Annie and cradled her in my arms when she was only 18 hours old. My tears were happy tears.

Concussion. After I tripped, flipped, and hit my head on a baby grand piano, I sported two raccoon black eyes and an addled brain. I never, ever wanted a concussion and hope to never, ever have another. I don’t do dizzy well.

Gatlinburg with college girlfriends. Seven women who have kept each other’s secrets and knows each other’s faults and pick up past conversations as if we still lived together in Meadows Hall on Tennessee Tech’s campus.

The Blarney Stone. I stood on the sidewalk beside the Blarney Castle and threw a kiss. And I’m positive that I was gifted with eloquence as were those who patiently moseyed up the narrow stairwell to the top of castle, lay on their backs, held tightly to metal poles, tilted their head upside down, and kissed the stone. For two hours, I wandered through the gardens and stables surrounding this famous Ireland castle.

Cross-stitch quilt. Seven years ago, I pieced together thirty fabric blocks that my mother and Grandma Gladys had embroidered with tiny cross-stitches, and I began hand quilting that quilt. My very first quilting project. I completed two blocks each winter until January 2015 when I declared the quilt would be finished by September. So the quilt kit that Mom bought from Lee Ward’s catalog in 1966 was finally completed forty-nine years later. And because Daughter and my Grands quilted a few inches on the border, it’s named the Five-Generation Quilt. The most priceless thing I own.

Building the Heart of the City Playground. I’ve never been so happy to pick up trash and sweep water and count pieces of wood – all while enduring a steady rain. On a clear day, I painted handrails and served lunch and supper to the many volunteers. This community endeavor was truly one of Cookeville’s best.

Red tide and blue jellyfish. A beach trip began with red tide, a phenomenon caused by microorganisms that take on a reddish brown color in the water. The trip ended with blue jellyfish, Velvella, littering the beach. Beautiful creatures to look at, but not to touch. God’s creations amaze me.

Reunions. Because Husband’s Tennessee Tech fraternity celebrated a 50-year milestone, friends from near and far came for Tech’s homecoming. We marveled how quickly the years have passed and we toasted long-lasting friendships.

Tea Party. If you’ve never been to a tea party with little girls, you’ve missed a giggling good time. While baking Christmas cookies with her older sister and me, six-year-old Ruth asked, “Gran, can we have a tea party?” Older sister frowned and shook her head so Ruth invited three of her friends. She set the kitchen table with my best kid-friendly Christmas plates and arranged cookies on a Christmas tree platter. Even the three dolls who sat at our table seemed to giggle.

Now it’s your turn. Think through the year and jot down some notes. The people, the events, the places.   Who and what made news in your life in 2015?






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  1. You are so clever and collected. I’ve decided to finish a few things today that I didn’t accomplish in 2015. I won’t start anything new because that would be like starting something on Sunday. Mom always said it would never be finished if you did it then. Enjoyed your year.


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