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That’s a FIRST

images “Well, that’s a first,” I said as Husband turned off the TV late one night in June.  “That’s the first time I’ve ever watched the WCTE Auction and not bought something.”  Husband nodded.  “And tonight’s the last night so I won’t have another chance this year.”  I’d bid on several items, but obviously not as the auctioneers suggested:  bid high and bid often.

That first-time thought stuck in my mind.  So on Monday morning, June 10, I started a new list entitled “One New Thing Everyday – A First!” and I wrote, ‘Watched WCTE Auction and didn’t buy anything.’  (Next June I’ll bid higher.)  I wondered how many days I’d do or see something for the first time.  It’s been more than two months and except for three days that I forgot to write and couldn’t remember anything I’d done on those days, I’ve had a FIRST every day.

Most are small, insignificant events and many are things I saw.  Some are happy – some sad.  Some intentional – some just happened.  Most silly – some serious.  Most common – a few once in a lifetime.  What’s the point?  I’m not sure, but I mentioned what I’d been doing to a few friends and one said, “I like that!”  Her encouragement was all I needed to continue.

Many intentional FIRSTS relate to food.  At the cookie store, I almost ordered my favorite, oatmeal raisin.  But instead I tried a walnut, cranberry oatmeal cookie and it was definitely better than my longtime favorite.  For the first time ever, I’ve eaten peanut butter spread on a banana and caramel yogurt and Pig’s Ear Salad and colcannon.  Not on the same day.

I’ve realized I see new things every day.  My newborn Grand.  Twin fawn and their mother in my backyard.  Two-year-old Grand throwing rocks into our backyard creek.  Three Grands – one at a time – riding on a tube with their daddy behind a boat at the lake.  (I could almost do a whole FIRST list about my Grands.)

I pieced and quilted my first quilt.  The marigolds seeds I planted came up.  I went to a concert by myself and toured Granville, Tennessee and the Baxter Depot with friends.  I drove on Cookeville streets that I’d never noticed before and read Garden and Gun magazine.

It’s really not difficult to see or do something new each day.  But sometimes I do something just to be sure to have an entry on my FIRST list.  Like this one:  I tweeted.  I read an email, entitled 5 Reasons to Embrace the 21st Century, that ended with these words:  “Avoid old-fogie-itis and stave off dementia!  Click to tweet.”

So I wrote my first tweet.  Avoid being an old fogie.Do or see 1 new thing a day.Nothing spectacular.Eat colcannon.Drive a new path.Do it.  And immediately, I had followers.  Only one who I know.

I’m taking my own advice.  Who wants to be an old fogie?  Not me.  That’s gives me one good reason for FIRSTS.  And besides, it’s fun to do or see something new every day.