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March Madness

If watching television was limited, I’d use my year’s allotment from March to the first of April.  I might be addicted to March Madness; I’ve checked and rechecked the times and stations for both men’s and women’s NCAA games and for NIT games, while Vanderbilt University was playing.

            Like most basketball fans, my brackets have been busted – actually my men’s bracket is shattered and destroyed.  I’m disappointed my favorite teams lost (TTU women, Vandy men, and Tennessee men and women), but I pick a team for each and every game.

And I applaud good plays. “Wow, that was a great assist!” I said.  Husband responded, “I thought you were for the other team.”  A no-look pass between two defenders to an inside post player deserves praise. 

             Now, March Madness is down to the Final Four and I’m cheering for FAU men’s team and two women’s SEC teams: LSU and SC.  (I’m counting on SC to win Monday night, but my submission deadline for this column is before the game)

 It’s easy to pick FAU to win the championship. Not only is Florida Atlantic University the team that knocked out Tennessee, but it’s the underdog, a #9 team. And their mascot is Owlsley – a huge, blue-eyed, orange-eyebrowed owl.

While keeping up with March Madness, I’m also entertained by players’ pictures and coaches.

            Favorite player picture:  University of Tennessee player, Jonas Aidoo leaving Knoxville to travel to Orlando, Florida.  In his hands, he held things that should never be packed in a suitcase:  a tangerine, yellow Goldfish crackers, a bed pillow and a stuffed animal.  When I showed the picture to my 8-year-old Grand, he said, “Look, he has his stuffie, a giraffe!”  I nodded and Micah said, “I guess you’re never too old to have a stuffie.” 

Best-dressed:  Jerry Stackhouse, Vanderbilt University men’s coach.  He wore a coat, a tie, and a pocket handkerchief, that coordinated with his tie, at every game. “Stack” is an impeccable dresser.  The last Vandy game, his blue dress shirt featured front pleats and a white collar with rounded points.  A gold collar pin held his collar perfectly.   Sidenote: Vandy should have been included in the NCAA tournament.

Most flamboyantly dressed:  LSU coach, Kim Mulkey.  Coach Mulkey is known for wearing clothes that catch the eye, and the jackets she worn in the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight games were two of her best.  Who else would wear a pink and white floral blazer with bright pink ostrich feather fringe running from shoulder to wrist on the jacket’s sleeves?  And I wondered if her silver glittery blazer distracted the opposing team players? 

This time next week, March Madness will be over.  Done. Finished.  But I’ll watch ‘til the end, even One Shining Moment.

NCAA – National Collegiate Athletic Association

NIT – National Invitational Tournament

March Madness – the annual NCAA college basketball tournament

SEC – South Eastern Conference

LSU – Louisiana State University

SC – South Carolina


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