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What’s Your Favorite Color

imgresWhat’s your favorite color? If you didn’t answer immediately, you haven’t been around young children recently. I wish I had a dollar for every time one of my Grands has asked that question; I could send at least one of them to the finest college.

Why is favorite color so important to little kids? Maybe because color names are among the first things we teach children and they learn to differentiate by color. Clothes. Food. Cars. And claiming a favorite color is a simple ownership that makes you unique.

I’ve made the mistake of analyzing my Grand’s question. My favorite flower color is yellow – forsythia, buttercups, roses, even mums. My home decorating color is green. Most of us are either green people or blue people, and I’m green. I like to wear black, white, bright blue, and red. Once when I gave such details an older Grand said, “Gran, just say a color!”

And I’ve learned to stick with that color. More than once, I’ve chosen a color only to be corrected. “No, Gran, you said yellow is your favorite. Not red.”

Last week Lucy, six days shy of being five years old, rode in my van with me, and I spotted an unusual truck. “Look at that truck. It’s purple and green. That’s strange.”

“Not really,” Lucy said. “Purple is Elsie’s (her big sister’s) favorite color and green is Mama’s. Did you know that Gran?” I didn’t. “Purple is my favorite color, too. Did you know that?”

“I thought orange was your favorite,” I answered. Actually, I hoped it was because I’d just sewed the buttons on her orange housecoat that I made for her birthday gift.

“Well, orange is really my favorite and purple is my favorite too because it’s Elsie’s favorite.” Made sense to me.

When Elsie was five years old, her favorite color was green and I asked her why. “Look around, Gran,” she said. “Green grass, green trees, green everywhere! Get it?” At that time her older brother was seven and he told her to look at the sky. Blue was his favorite color; it covered everything.

I’ve learned that there’s no time more crucial to remember favorite colors than at mealtime. Once, I served milk in a blue plastic cup to Daniel, age 4, and he immediately said, “That’s not my cup. It’s Henry’s (his little brother’s.) Mine’s orange!” A quick swap and both were happy. Other times, serving the wrong color cup to a toddler age Grand has incited a meltdown.

Last Christmas when all eight Grands, and their parents, were here with Husband and me for several meals, I memorized favorite colors. Orange for Daniel and Lucy. Blue for Henry and Annabel. Green for Elsie. No cups for two: one nursing baby and one used his sippy cup. I handed Samuel, then 10, a yellow cup. “Hope yellow is okay, Samuel,” I said.

My oldest Grand’s mouth dropped open and his shoulders slumped. “Really, Gran? It’s all the same milk, right? What difference does the color make?” But ever attuned as the oldest child, he added, “I hope you have two orange cups or Daniel and Lucy won’t be happy.”

How quickly one grows up and favorite colors aren’t important. I’m thankful I have five pre-school age Grands. Life is entertaining when a conversation begins with, “What’s your favorite color?”


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  1. Sweet, as always Susan. My favorite color is red ❤️. Love to you and Allen from Florence!

    Kat Rust Bobkats@frontiernet.net



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