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TTU Purple Pride

I’m searching in my closet for purple and gold.  Purple shirt and purple sweater.  Gold scarf and gold eagle pin.   All to show my Tech Pride.

Last week when Husband told me that TTU football coach Watson Brown would speak at Business before Hours, hosted by the Chamber of Commerce, I wanted to go.  Because I was curious to hear about the player who transferred from the team that wears orange jerseys.  Coach Brown told how hard work and determination won the OVC last year and that this year’s team includes a senior quarterback, a group of freshman receivers, and a solid defense.  And I heard two phrases that I liked about the newest team member:  ‘there’s no I in team’ and ‘a second chance.’

I’m a long-time Tech sports fan.  I attended my very first football game at Tennessee Tech when I was a high school student.  As a Tech student, I missed very few games.  And I loved homecoming.  We girls wore wool suits, with skirts, high heel shoes, and corsages.  A corsage made with a huge yellow mum and purple ribbon.  I wasn’t a fair weather fan.  One homecoming, my brand new leather shoes, bought just the day before, were ruined by a torrential rain.  Homecoming 1969, when the temperature was below 30 degrees and snow fell, I was there to cheer on my team.

Tech Pride runs wide and deep in my family.  My dad, husband, son, brother, niece, nephew, and a host of in-laws all earned degrees from Tennessee Tech.  And at the beginning of every school year when I hung my Tech diploma on the wall behind my desk, (because my principal told us teachers that’s where our college diplomas belonged) I was proud.

I’m sorry to admit that my Tech Pride has waned for a time.  There’s no good excuse.  But last week my Tech spirit soared.  After hearing Coach Brown’s comments, I was eager to see the first game of the season.  And I was there, along with 10,000 other people.  It was a great night for Tech football.  Tents and tables welcomed tailgaters.  The student side of the stadium was filled.  Cheerleaders led the fans in cheers and did a push-up for every point the Tech team scored.  The band entertained at half time.

And the players won their first game of the season.  A team win.  The quarterback threw passes that both freshmen and veteran receivers caught.  When Tech’s lead went from 31-7 to 31-24 in the third quarter, Tech’s defense got tougher.  And the player who used to wear orange?  He looked good in purple as he caught passes, one for a touchdown.

My Tech Pride is revived.  I’m ready to put on my purple sweater and cheer on my football team this Thursday night at Tucker Stadium.  The tailgate park opens at 4:00 p.m.  Kickoff is at 7:00 and it’s Take a Kid to the Game Night.  A perfect outing with my Grands.  And they already have purple shirts.


4 Responses

  1. Susan, thanks for your comments today. I loved those homecoming corsages. Do they still do that? We plan on coming up for homecoming this year. Thanks for reminding me of my Tech Pride as well!!


    • Thank you, Jackie, for reading this post and leaving a comment. The best compliment for me is to know that you took the time to do this. Corsages? Not here, in recent years. Hope to see you during homecoming!


  2. Of, Susan, your column brought back many wonderful memories. TD and I were just talking the other day about college football at Tech. I loved the big corsages we wore at Homecoming. Thanks for the memories!


  3. We did have great times at TTU football events. From the Thursday night raids to the Saturday night games and celebrations afterwards. Thanks for leaving a comment! Susan


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